Mac Pro Repair Extension Program for Video Issues

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Apple has recently announced the Mac Pro Repair Extension Program for Video Issues.  Apple has determined that graphics cards in certain Mac Pro (Late 2013) may cause distorted video, no video, system instability, freezing, restarts, shut downs, or may prevent system start up. Mac Pro computers with affected graphics cards were manufactured between February 8, 2015 and April 11, 2015.

What are the issues?

An affected Mac Pro may display one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Distorted or scrambled video on the external display
  • No video on the external display even though the computer is on
  • Computer freezes or restarts unexpectedly
  • Computer will not start up

Which Macs are eligible?

If you believe your Mac was manufactured between February 8, 2015 and April 11, 2015 and is exhibiting any of the issues listed above then your Mac Pro may be eligible for the program.


Can Connecting Point do this repair?

Yes.  Connecting Point is an Authorized Apple Service Center. Bring your Mac Pro in and we can run the necessary diagnostics to see if your Mac is experiencing this particular issue. If your Mac Pro is eligible we will check it in for service and replace both video cards at no cost to you.  Please make sure you have a backup of your data prior to bringing your Mac in for service. Although this repair does not require us to modify the OS or your data we always recommend a backup before bringing any device in for service. Connecting Point has Time Machine backup drives available and offer backup attempts as a service.  The timeframe for completing the Mac Pro Repair Extension Program service is generally around 3-5 business days.


How long do I have to get this service done?

This particular program ends May 30, 2018 but we highly recommend you bringing your Mac Pro in for service if it is exhibiting any of the issues listed above at your earliest convenience.


I have questions..

If you have any questions regarding the Mac Pro Repair Extension Program for Video Issues please leave a comment below or send us a private inquiry by going to our Contact page.

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    • At this time, Apple is saying the Mac Pros during this timeframe are the ones that could have the video cards that need replacing. If your Mac Pro is under warranty and is having a hardware issue then it will still be covered under AppleCare. If it is not under warranty then you can still bring it in for diagnostics and a quote to fix.

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