Watch NFL this weekend for Cord Cutters

A lot of us are no longer paying for cable. Cutting the cord is usually scary at first, you sacrifice a couple of things you used to watch, but the end result is pretty amazing, opening the doors to good (and bad) content you never would have bothered with previously. One of the biggest challenges is for sports enthusiasts but it appears to be getting better and better. NFL playoffs are in full swing right now and there are two games this weekend you should be able to watch, live, if you have an Apple TV.

On Saturday the Chiefs and Patriots game, which is at 3:35 Central, should be steaming live on the CBSSports App. You should also be able to watch the Packers vs Cardinals game, which starts at 7:15 Central, on the NBCSports Live Extra App. More playoff games should be live down the road as well. We do know that the Super Bowl will air live on the CBSSports app.

NFL also rolled out their NFL Game Pass for the US (previously only available for those outside the US). Although it does not offer live regular season, playoff, and Super Bowl games, you do get to see them On-Demand, all of them, for just $99. Preseason games were all live with NFL Game Pass. The NFL app on the AppleTV allows you to sign in with your Game Pass credentials and view all of this content, including past years’ games. We hope they offer tiers next year and allow those who want to pay more to watch live games.

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    • The CBS Sports App on the Apple TV will air the Super Bowl live on February 7th with no login required. CBS Sports did the Patriots vs. Broncos game live yesterday as well. These are in HD.

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