Apple March 2016 Keynote Address

Apple made some very exciting announcements just over an hour ago during their March 2016 Keynote Address and Connecting Point is working hard to update everything that has changed.  We are excited to see many price drops and the arrival of the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. Here are the specs for the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro: Price […]

Apple TV

Podcasts Now on Apple TV with the tvOS9.1.1 Update

Apple TV now has Podcasts Today Apple came out with a minor software update, tvOS9.1.1, for the Apple TV mainly bringing us Podcasts. If you are familiar with the Podcasts app on your iPhone then you will be very familiar with the layout of Podcasts on Apple TV. Sync up your podcasts across all your […]

Watch NFL this weekend for Cord Cutters

A lot of us are no longer paying for cable. Cutting the cord is usually scary at first, you sacrifice a couple of things you used to watch, but the end result is pretty amazing, opening the doors to good (and bad) content you never would have bothered with previously. One of the biggest challenges […]

Apple TV

tvOS 9.1 Update just released for the new Apple TV

Apple released a big update to the new Apple TV OS with a couple features a lot of customers have been waiting for.  Although there is not a list yet as to what the new update encompasses, we do know two big features are now present.  Siri now supports Apple Music so you can now […]

Top 3 accessories for Apple TV

Apple’s latest Apple TV has already been a huge success. Based on customer feedback and a LOT of “hands on” testing we thought it would be a great idea to compile a list of accessories most popular for the new 32GB and 64GB Apple TV. Almost every Apple TV we have sold also had at least one […]