Can Connecting Point fix cracked glass iPhones in-store?

The short answer is no. There are special tools required and security behind Apple’s fingerprint technology that requires us to ship your iPhone to Apple where there is a front facing issue such as cracked glass. There are three options we have to facilitate cracked glass iPhones:

1) If it is under AppleCare+ and have an incident available then we can either check your iPhone in and have Apple overnight a replacement to us for $79 or $99 (depending on when you purchased your iPhone), or send your iPhone to Apple for a display replacement which generally takes 5-6 days at a cost of $29. If there is any other abuse besides the display then the $29 option is not available.

2) If it is not under AppleCare+ we can send your iPhone to Apple for a discounted price of replacing the display. Please contact us for costs. The turnaround time is generally 5-6 days. If there is any other issue besides the display then this option may not be available.

3) We can replace your entire iPhone out-of-warranty at the out-of-warranty replacement price. This is generally 1-2 days. Please contact us for costs.

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