Tips before coming in for service

If you are coming in for service or have scheduled an appointment then we would like to offer a few tips before you bring your Apple device in for service:

 * Depending on the issue, your device may need to be checked in for service and not immediately fixed.

* We cannot replace iPhone displays in-store. Due to the tools involved Apple requests that we ship the iPhone to Apple and have the repair done there. This generally takes 5-6 days.

* If your iPhone needs replacing then it has to be checked in and either Apple will send us a replacement or we have to send it to Apple which generally takes 6 days. We cannot immediately replace (swap) iPhones.

* Please have a backup of your data for bringing anything in for service.

* If your iPhone is experiencing a software issue rather than a hardware issue then we can address most of these issues starting at $29. Sometimes a restore is required which will erase all data on an iPhone.

We will make every effort to assist you in any way we can. Please do not hesitate to call us at 309-663-5200 if you have any other questions.

Can Connecting Point fix cracked glass iPhones in-store?

The short answer is no. There are special tools required and security behind Apple’s fingerprint technology that requires us to ship your iPhone to Apple where there is a front facing issue such as cracked glass. There are three options we have to facilitate cracked glass iPhones:

1) If it is under AppleCare+ and have an incident available then we can either check your iPhone in and have Apple overnight a replacement to us for $79 or $99 (depending on when you purchased your iPhone), or send your iPhone to Apple for a display replacement which generally takes 5-6 days at a cost of $29. If there is any other abuse besides the display then the $29 option is not available.

2) If it is not under AppleCare+ we can send your iPhone to Apple for a discounted price of replacing the display. Please contact us for costs. The turnaround time is generally 5-6 days. If there is any other issue besides the display then this option may not be available.

3) We can replace your entire iPhone out-of-warranty at the out-of-warranty replacement price. This is generally 1-2 days. Please contact us for costs.

How do I turn off Find My iPhone

Before we can accept any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch for repairs the Find my iPhone feature needs to be turned off.

You can disable Find My iPhone in any of the following ways. The owner’s Apple ID password will be required in each case. Please note that option 4 is the best method if you are having us service a device that does not work (e.g. no power on, cracked glass, etc)

1) Turn off Find My iPhone
On your iOS device… Go to Settings > iCloud and turn off Find My iPhone.

2) Sign out of iCloud
On your iOS device… Go to Settings > iCloud and tap Delete Account.

3) Erase All Content and Settings
On your iOS device… Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

4) Remove the device from account at iCloud.com using any computer.
Sign in to www.icloud.com/find with your Apple ID.
Select the device that needs to be removed from the account.
If the device is offline, click Remove from Account.
If the device is online, click Erase. When the erase is complete, click Remove from Account.

What are your store hours?

We are open 10:00 – 5:30 Monday – Friday and closed Saturday and Sunday. We are also closed or have shortened hours for various National holidays.

Do you offer On-Site service

Yes. We have Apple Certified Mac Technicians available for the Bloomington/Normal area if your needs require on-site service rather than carry-in service (where you bring your Apple product to us). The charge for this is $130 per hour and there is a $50 trip fee. Please contact the store if you would like to set up on-site service and we will do everything we can to get your Apple product (or products) back in perfect shape.

Can I order customized Macs from you?

Absolutely. We offer the exact same customized configurations (also called CTO) that Apple offers. Most customized models arrive within 3-7 days. You can get a quote by visiting our store or clicking the “Get a Quote” link on any of our product webpages. Visit our store and our Apple Product Professionals can show you all the latest Apple products as well as ask you some questions to help determine which customizations are perfect for you.

My older mac is slow. Thoughts?

We see this every day and there are so many possibilities.  One of more common reasons is that an old Mac is trying to run the latest Mac OS. The Mac just cannot keep up with the newer features of the OS and you start to see the dreaded spinning beachball more often.  One of the best solutions is a Solid State Drive upgrade which is much faster than the traditional hard drive currently inside your older Mac. The results are simply amazing.  Bring your Mac in and we can replace your hard drive with a solid state drive. We will also clone your data over to the solid state drive and give your older drive back to you for safe keeping.  You will be so much happier with your Mac experience and it is a fantastic way to extend the life of your Mac.

Can Connecting Point upgrade may Mac with a Solid State Drive?

If your Mac is running slow, has a failing hard drive, or you just need more space then Connecting Point can replace the your older internal drive and clone your data over to a new drive in a quick turnaround time. Most customers are demanding faster performance and the more advanced solid state drives delivers!

Connecting Point will even give back your older drive for safekeeping. You can store it as it is a current backup of all your data.

Please note that in some circumstances, such as Microsoft Office 2011, you may need to re-enter the serial number of your software as it thinks it is a new computer.  Most software does not require you to do this.

If you are using the Windows Operating System (not Office) on your Mac then please understand that Connecting Point does not clone over Windows BootCamp data. If you are using Parallels or Fusion then the Windows transfer should work fine. Most people are not using Windows on their Mac. If you have any questions on this please do not hesitate to ask us.


I have a Flashing Question Mark when I turn my Mac on.

The flashing question mark on startup is your Mac telling you “I really don’t see an operating system to start.” This can mean your operating system is corrupt and needs to be reinstalled or fixed. It could also mean that your hard drive is no longer being recognized and needs to be addressed.

Please note that a flashing question mark on MacBook Pros, especially those 3 years or older, are usually a cable that has gone bad. This means Connecting Point can replace the cable and all of your data will still be there.

If you have a Time Machine backup then rest assured you have a backup of all of your data. If your hard drive is, in fact, defective, we can replace your hard drive (even upgrade it to a much faster solid state drive) and restore all of your data using your Time Machine backup.

Connecting Point has a myriad of Apple service diagnostics available to determine what is giving you the flashing question mark, or any other issue you may have.  Once we run these diagnostics we can better determine what is wrong and what options are available to you.

Can Connecting Point recover my lost data?

If you have an iCloud backup or a Time Machine backup then your data can be easily recovered.  If you are unsure if you are backing up your Mac, iPhone, or iPad then please stop in as soon as possible so we can help you take measures to ensure data recovery before you accidentally drop your iPhone, or lose your MacBook Pro, or your hard drive stops working.

Connecting Point cannot recover data from an iPhone or iPad that does not power on.

If you do not have any backup then bring your device in so we can determine what your options are.

Connecting Point highly recommends Drive Savers for recovering lost data. They have over 30 years of experience and have the highest data recovery success rate in the industry.  Even better, you can get a discount by using our referral code.  You can get our referral code and learn more about Drivers here.