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Let's face it.  We live in an "information overload" society.  Every hour, it feels as if something newsworthy needs to be brought to your attention.  Weather it's news about the world, technology, your career, your hobbies... whatever the case may be there are countless ways to obtain this information.  But who has the time to search for it?


RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.  It is a web-based way of accessing the latest news on multiple web sites simultaneously.  Before RSS, you had to visit a web site and search for anything new.  If you are frequently using the internet, you may be doing this to many web sites, sometimes dozens, each day.  Who has time anymore?  Web sites that incorporate RSS allow you to use a RSS reader to search if anything new has been added to the web site, and if it is worth your time to read.


RSS Subscriptions

If a website uses RSS (usually noted by an RSS or XML icon), highlight the URL of that feed and copy it to your clipboard. If you open the URL in your web browser it may look strange, but that is normal because it is written for your RSS application.  Return to your RSS reader and follow the instructions for your particular reader for pasting in the new feed.

The latest version of Safari and Mail for Mac OS X allow you to view and subscribe to RSS feeds.  If you are unsure on how to do this, simply ask us how.

Below are some good RSS feeds

Connecting Point Computers The Apple Premiere Specialist bringing you news, tips, discounts, and anything else we feel you will enjoy knowing about.

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Apple Hot News Top stories on Apple technology and how it is being used.  Also links to articles on Apple's latest products.

Version Tracker for OSX The latest software for OSX.